Tips To Capture The Best Landscapes With Your Camera

Landscapes are the first choice of any photographer, the reason being the beauty it has to offer to the eyes of the admirers. If you can take a perfect shot of a landscape, It will add to your leading pictures collection forever.
Some of the most expensive pictures ever sold are landscapes, remember the Microsoft wallpaper landscape bliss? It was captured by Charles O’Rear in California (1996) and Microsoft paid $100k+ to O’Rear for the same picture he captured. Amazed?
Let us tell you how you can capture such amazing landscape views with your camera and get rich. Here are some guidelines.

  • Make Sure You Devise Depth

Making sure you capture all the elements of the landscape, to do that you have to devise depth with your camera. Maintaining an aperture of f/16-f/22 will help and you will be able to capture crisp images as there will be more light.

Source – ShutterStock
  • Lens With Wide Angle Is Always Helpful

In landscape photography, a wide-angle lens is always helpful as it can capture wide area in the picture. Setting the aperture to f16 will help to make the picture brighter.

Clicked With LG G3 Mobile (Source Reddit)
  • You Can Also Use Filters

We advise you using polarized and Neutral Density filters as they have some amazing effects while shooting landscapes

Using filter in photography with details ( Source – Click )
  • Confiscating Movement

Let’s assume that you have to capture the image of running deer in a field, set your camera on Tv or you can also try S (shutter priority) the exposure should be set to 2 or more seconds, You can Also try AV (Aperture-Priority) by choosing a less aperture f/32.
Tripod is a must while capturing these images so that the captured images come out of great quality without blur.

Source – Google Image
  • Applying Water As A Reflector

This can give you some amazing shots, the finest hour to try this is either sunrise or sunset.
Put your camera to S(Shutter-Priority) or TV, let the camera set the aperture, shutter speed needs to be passive.
Set the ISO to 125+.

water reflection , Image Credit – 7 Themes
  • Use Grids

Using grid will help you to set the frame for a perfect shot, you can shift the focal point according to the object you want to focus.

  • Some Of The Settings That We Suggest.

Aperture – f/22 to capture crisp images.
Try different shutter speed, If you are capturing moving objects use filters so that you can adjust the light getting captured in your camera.
As we said earlier Tripod is a must when you are clicking a landscape.

  • Useful Pieces of equipment

Lens hood- Reduce incoming light
Filters- Polarized and Neutral density filters are helpful.
Tripod- To stabilize the image
Flash- Helping darker nearby images look brighter.

  • Windup

Capturing landscape is fun as you will love to spend time in the beautiful Scenery but you need
to have a lot of patience as it could take hours for you to get one perfect shot.
Some photographer’s spend months and years just so that they can capture one amazing shot.
One perfect shot and you never know you will be famous and rich.

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